Sandals and Burmese

During our 13 days survey trip in Myanmar, from the heart of Yangon through the newest capital of Myanmar, Naypyidaw, we spotted something quite similar in everywhere we went. Every Burmese wears sandals, men and women, young and old. Burmese people have been wearing sandals since a century ago and the popularity is never fade away.

Sandals 004-resize.jpg

Sandals play significant roles in every part of Burmese’s life, even in official ceremonies. People who aren’t familiar with its tradition may think this kind of shoes is quite inappropriate. But Burmese people include their sandals as a part of long heritage traditional dress.

Sandals in Myanmar are called Hnyat Phanat which are made from several materials such as cotton, silk and rattan. But authentic traditional Burmese sandals are made of expensive velvet only.

Sandals 001-resize.jpg

From what I‘ve observed, men like to wear darker colors while women adore vivid and brighter colors with flashy glitter and diamond ornaments.

Myanmar’s sandals are incredibly comfortable, cheap and suitable to every aspects of Burmese’s life. People can take them off easily before visiting temples and making merit.

Sandals 002-resize.jpg

It seems like no Burmese want to spend their time for tiring shoes.

Makam Chayada  Junior Producer of Unhidden Myanmar