Son of The Ocean

What makes you are a good diver?

Hi-tech equipment, best instructors or money?

You need nothing, if you were ‘Son of the Ocean’

Moken are a tribe in the Andaman Sea, Thailand

They live a semi-nomadic lifestyle.

90% of their life depend on the ocean

Which make them become the real life mermaid.

They can hold breath twice longer than us.

They can see underwater clearly even 4 meters away.

The Moken live off the sea’s creatures and plants by using simple tools such as nets and spears to forage for food.

Scientists have discovered that young Moken children have underwater vision that’s twice as good as European children of the same age.

They drew public attention in 2004, when most of them managed to escape the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami that killed more than 250,000 people by relying on their intimate knowledge of the sea.

Thanks to the vast ocean,

Their best life instructor.

This is one of our beloved project in 2017.
A feature documentary film “Conman and the Sea”