The Youngest Buffalo Jockey

When ordinary boys ride bicycles. He ride a racing buffalo.

Meet Hon, 11 years old. the youngest buffalo jockey.

He risks his life to become a master of buffalo racing

Buffalo Racing Festival, in Chonburi. It’s one of the most celebrated events in Thailand. The event held annually for more than 140 years. Thai jockey ride their buffalos to sprint across a dusty track with incredible speed.

It’s a life-risking business. On the back of the enraged buffalo anything could happen.

120 meter long track of excitement. Where one mistake can cost a life.

Hone competes in the same rank with adult jokey.

His unique balancing skill and extremely light weight make this young lad a formidable opponent.

The faster he makes, the broader he smiles. Only true passion can unleash the power inside.

The event was initiated as a way to express gratitude to buffaloes after working for farmers throughout the year. Apart from the must-see buffalo racing, the week-long festival is offering a wide range of fun-filled activities that have been created to also mark the importance of the buffalo; such as, the Most Healthy Buffalo Contest, Buffalo Fashion Contest and a parade of beautifully-decorated buffalo carts. Other highlights include a Miss Farmer Beauty Contest, Amulet Contest and Thai Martial Arts Contest.

Cinematographed by

Piya Khaisaengthong

Kriangkrai Sudprasoet