Ahoy! Documania goes to La Rochelle, France

Thailand’s top documentary production companies make their debut in La Rochelle at SSD 2017

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The first day of Documania at the Sunny side of the Doc 2017 in La Rochelle, France, seems to be a pretty good day. It’s a world markets place that dedicated to documentary and factual content. People with a real desire of making more docs are packed in the same place.

Our booth of the documentary group “Thailand DOCS Group” is receiving nice attentions from media buyers, distributors, and Production Company. There are lot of appointments and talks throughout the day.

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We look forward to sharing our vast range of documentary content that deal with social issues, history, art & culture, human interest, food & travel, wildlife and design. We are also hoping to forge new relationships with potential co-production partners, broadcasters and distributors all over the world.


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Thailand DOCS Group(TDG) consists of Thailand’s top 6 documentary production companies. The members of our delegation include Documania, TV Burapha, Payai Creation,  D.Documentary, Thai Documentary and Global Intercommunication.

We have come to Join SSD 2017, organized by the Ministry of Commerce’s Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), in partnership with the Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB).

The members of our delegation include Documania, TV Burapha, Payai Creation, D.Documentary, Thai Documentary and Global Intercommunication.

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We are proudly present our latest projects. Please see the trailers and its synopsis.


Five Moken people died on Surin island. Elders think it was a curse from the ancestor ghost which was a result from their neglect to held the Boat Floating Ceremony.  Salama, the ex-leader of the Moken and also the most boastful drunken man on the island decided to make this ceremony happen perfectly again. However, it’s not an easy job like before anymore. After Tsunami in 2004, the island was under control of Surin National Park. When their natural resource consuming became illegal and their sea that used to be their home became the tourist attraction, their true spirit of the sea gypsy seem to be fading away.

The living messages that enhanced the fascinating ways of practices among Buddhist people. A journey through 2500 years of the untold sacred message that formed the art of living and practices of Buddhist people will be told from 17 countries across the world.


There once was a King who traveled hundreds of thousands of miles all over his kingdom, spending over 70 years working to improve his people’s quality of life, He did everything he could to help them stand on their own two feet, until there were over 4,000 Royal Initiatives.

There will never be another world leader as dedicated to his people. His Majesty truly worked hard all his life for the benefit of humanity.


“Our uniqueness is tropical architecture”

This is the documentary series about architectures with the nature of tropical climate as their ambitious challenge. When beauty is not the first goal of design but the complexity and formidable mechanisms of tropical climate itself challenge the architects to push beyond the limit.