Do you have a story to tell? ASD2018 : Student Workshop

Do you have a story to tell? And how we can make it possible?

This year the leading international marketplace for documentary and factual programming in Asia take place in 8th EDITION: 30 JAN. – 02 FEB. 2018, Bangkok.



Approximately 500 documentary professionals are expected to attend Asian Side of the Doc, for the second consecutive year, with the objective to build the ASEAN regional hub for documentary coproduction and knowledge exchange.

But we didn’t forget about the young generation of content creators.



The ASD has a special segment for giving the opportunity to all talented students from all across the country to participate in this leading program the ASD special workshop.

The objective is to give participants an opportunity to try different storytelling techniques and style discussed in class.




The Seminars and workshops on topics ranging from grant writing to production, pitching and gathering all information from real sources by exchanging with veteran documentary filmmakers from Thailand Documentary group.

The documentary filmmaking workshop combines in-class instruction with hands-on experience in non-fiction storytelling. Students will learn to cultivate ideas, shooting techniques, sound recording and design, and digital editing skills. They also will gain an understanding of the roles directors, producers, cinematographers, sound mixers, and editors play in film production. Working in teams, students will produce a short observational film.



The main subject of this year is Wat Arun วัดอรุณราชวรารามราชวรมหาวิหาร The famous Wat Arun perhaps better known as the Temple of the Dawn is one of the best-known landmarks and one of the most published images of Bangkok. Students can observe&create story around this area open widely without any restriction. Every issue can be presented in the documentary that urges the people to perceive Wat Arun more clearly in truthfully perspective.




Furthermore, all students who participate in class would receive the opportunity to observe the ASD marketplace and absorb the atmospheric feeling of the international market that may increase the eagerness to join documentary filming career path in near future.