Documania joins the ‘Asian side of the Doc 2018’

At the last Sunny Side of the Doc in La Rochelle, our Thai documentary filmmakers had joined the event and received critically acclaimed from international decision makers and buyers with our uniqueness and heart touching documentaries.

Our works have been recognized and we had chances to improve the projects with commenters and buyers who seek a gem of creative works to be present across the world.




Asian side of the doc is one of the most celebrated documentary Film Market of the world. Aside from the public screenings, the festival caters specifically to the industry with several workshops and forums available. The event also offers the opportunity for filmmakers to meet with commissioning editors, buyers, and new talents. Sunny Side of the Doc hosts an Asian edition in Bangkok, Thailand.

The interest in all things Asian is growing faster than capital markets in the global world. That goes for documentary films as well.




Documania united with Thai documentary companies in Thailand Pavilion which including TV Burabha, Payai Creation Co.,Ltd, thaidocumentary TV, D.Doc Studio ,Global intercommunication Co.,Ltd, JSL , Wishtrend Thailand and Twentyfifty Productions.

Asian side of the Doc 2018 gathers major international distributors who are purposefully setting out to grow their business in regions like China and South-East Asia. We received the news that National Geographic, Discovery Asia, NHK, CCTV, KBS, ABC Australia, PBS America, these world-renowned international publishers will be attending the program which increases our chance to present factual projects in the one-to-one meeting with the decision makers.





Our latest project Romusha of the Death Railway from Documania tells a forgotten history of Asian labors who had built the death railway during WWII, is going to be recalled by their descendants. The project has been selected in pitch session 3




Asian Side of the Doc is an extraordinary opportunity for Thailand documentary filmmakers to show their competency and skills in producing quality international documentaries which can be listed on the ‘front line’ of world-class documentary producers. Nowadays, Thailand’s leading documentary filmmakers are gathering as a one band name ‘Thailand Documentary Group’ which is currently developing into an association. Our goal is aimed true, to develop our capabilities as well as to support and develop our personnel in the field of documentary production in Thailand.

We are a group that enters the world market together, to create economic value for the manufacturing content industry of the nation.