These kids rock “Doc Alert 2”! The new young documentary filmmakers are about to come out of shells

Making a documentary film is a great way to engage students and develop a wide range of skills. We wish the universities around Thailand will develop more programs to encourage the student to challenge themselves.

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“Doc Alert 2” is the documentary filmmaking workshop and challenge combines in-class instruction with hands-on experience in non-fiction storytelling. Designed by Documania Co., Ltd, students will learn to cultivate ideas, shooting techniques, pitching, and public presentation skills. They also will gain an understanding of the roles directors, producers, cinematographers, sound mixers, and editors play in film production. Working in teams, students will produce a short observational film.

The 3 days of intensive training has been passed. It filled with an emotional rollercoaster.

It was excellent for developing the children’s speaking and listening skills, as they had to take responsibility for preparing questions and carrying out an interview. It was great to see them working as a team.

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Chanin Chamachote, the CEO of Documania Co.,ltd gave a press announcement with a support from Thai Media Fund, DN Broadcast co., Ltd and Royal Initiative Discovery Foundation. We talked about the future of the world wide’s taste of documentary trend that we should achieve and how to encourage Thai students to break their mundane boundaries. The program revealed the 5 teams from 4 universities (but only 1 will be the winner) all their works will be released on the NEW18 channel.

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It’s time to prove that student documentary is not just a flashy style.
Good storytelling comes from within. True documentaries reflect honesty, passion, and the connection a director makes with his subject. And Doc Alert 2 will be the good start.

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