About US

Passion, Truth, and Integrity in Storytelling.

 Documania is a team of passionate storytellers with more than 20 years of documentary production experience who specialize in bridging creativity with cutting edge production quality.

 What makes Documania extraordinary is our approach to storytelling. We only choose projects we truly believe in. This allows us to approach stories from within, and leave behind a piece of ourselves in each project. We pride ourselves in bringing unique, unknown stories to life. Documania’s journalistic accuracy has become the benchmark in Thailand, making our work the most trusted in the industry. We base our work on the principle: 

Passion, truth and integrity in storytelling.


With over 20 years of experience, we are Thailand’s leading documentary production company. We produce theatrical and broadcast documentaries, as well as documentary-series. We love sharing compelling ASEAN stories with a world audience.



We are a producer of international quality documentaries featuring domestic and international contents through broadcast, non-broadcast and new media.




Documania now stands as one of the premiere Co-Production companies in South East Asia. Our experienced international team has worked with clients from all over the world. We are always excited to talk with fellow production companies or broadcasters interesting in collaborating. Our diverse talent pool is a perfect match for virtually any co-production opportunity.


We are fully determined to serve the world community as one of the internationally recognized producers of documentaries and other mass media programmes, based on our “Profound” awareness of the concept.

We are truly aware that…

You have come to us with an expectation that your stories will be made beautiful, elegantly presented and its audience fully emotionally touched.

An assembly of modern minds with various kinds of experience.


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