Insight Thainess : Gold from the Ancients

The remains of an ancient city tell a story of its glorious past. The architectural legacy of the once prosperous kingdom of Sukhothai is a testimony of the predominant temples that existed in this former capital of Siam. After nearly a millennium, the glory of this ancient city is still evident, arousing visitors’ imagination and desire to search for its timeless heritage.

The small community of Si Satchanalai is where exquisite handicraft articles are produced. It began with a Chinese goldsmith named Chuea Wongyai, who bestowed his craftsmanship on local artisans, enabling them to inherit and continue the master goldsmith’s expertise in Siam.

The secret of the beauty of ancient gold ornaments has been passed on to the present generation. Some patterns have been modified and more techniques have been created to interlace gold filaments with gold beads of varying designs. Such secret is the hallmark of Ban Thong Som Samai, whose gold articles are characterized by unrivaled craftsmanship.

Ban Thong Som Samai’s goldsmiths have played a major role in re-introducing Sukhothai’s gold ornament tradition. Their carved golden articles are modeled after the architecture of the ancient structures of the Si Satchanalai Historical Park. Today, Sukhothai gold not only manifests superior beauty but also tells a vivid story of the once glorious kingdom.



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Insight Thainess : The Art of Andaman Batik Fabric

The dawning sun is weaving its bright light over the land filling every life with cheers and energy.  The local inhabitants of Ko Yao Noi, an island of Phang Nga province begin their day’s work early.  Some fishermen are heading back ashore, ready to trade their catch for some cash.  Both the land and the sea here offer abundant natural resources for the locals, whose simple yet graceful daily routines are depicted on local handicraft items.

As a time-honoured work of art that reflects the local way of life, batik fabric with colourful patterns has long represented the unique identity of people in Southern Thailand and the Malay Peninsula.  Inspired by the natural surroundings, batik artists sketch images of various objects; such as; flowers, sea waves and marine creatures, on the fabric. Such patterns depict the artists’ real-life experience and, therefore, vary from one area to another. Yet there is one concept that all batik pieces represent: life overflowing with happiness and merriment.


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Insight Thainess : The Riviera of the Salt Field

The Gulf of Thailand is an area full of marine resources and coastal resources, rich with shrimps, mussels, crabs, and fish. On the lowland coastal plain ranging from Samut Sakhon, Samut Songkhram and Phetchaburi province, there are local farmers who make salt from seawater.

Ban Laem district has many white fields, which is a product of the seawater of the Gulf of Thailand. Seawater is released into the pond to wait for the change to become crystallized white salt and full of nutritional value. Thai people transform locally available ingredients into processed food; it is even used as a flavoring for Thai desserts.

Bang Tabun residents bring salt to use when making some local products; such as, shrimp paste, fish sauce and other kinds of seafood products. The riviera road along the coastline of the Gulf of Thailand is always open for travelers to have new experiences.

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Insight Thainess : “Mango with Sticky Rice”

Noting can beat Mango in the mid-summer. A chorus of cicadas is the rhythm and signal of summer, as well as the time for plenty of seasonal fruits. Amphawa, Samut Songkhram is one of the Thai communities that lives a simple lifestyle among various fruit orchards. The fruits that blossom and grow here are mostly coconuts, pomelos, lychees, and mangos.

Mango is a popular Thai homegrown fruit tree for shade, and we use the mango for consumption. The Thai people use creativity to select what surrounds them to make as food. The Thais also have wisdom in wisely making good use of the fruit production. They will carefully pick the old mangos from its tree to ripen for the sweet-sour taste, which the Thais believe that they give a refreshing fragrance and are best to be served with sticky rice and coconut milk. “Mango with Sticky Rice” is best served during summertime. This is the simplest happiness you can easily find in a Thai household.
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Doc Alert 2 คนสารคดีเข้ม เน้นคุณภาพ ปี2

โครงการประกวดสารคดี Doc Alert ปีที่ 2 กลับมาอีกครั้ง หลังจากประสบความสำเร็จจากครั้งที่ 1 อย่างงดงาม จนได้ทีมสารคดีนักศึกษาที่มีศักยภาพสูง พร้อมพัฒนาสื่อสารคดีได้ในหลายรูปแบบใกล้เคียงกับระดับมืออาชีพ

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Doc Alert 2 เดินสาย 15 มหาวิทยาลัยสู่การประกวดสารคดีระดับอุดมศึกษาครั้งที่ 2

โครงการประกวดสารคดี Doc Alert ปีที่ 2 กลับมาอีกครั้ง หลังจากประสบความสำเร็จเป็นที่เรียบร้อยจากครั้งที่ 1 จนได้ทีมที่มีความพร้อมในการผลิตสื่อสารคดีมืออาชีพ โดยในครั้งที่ 2 นี้ท้าทายนักสื่อสารรุ่นใหม่ด้วยหัวข้อ “ศาสตร์พระราชา อยู่รอด อยู่อย่างพอเพียง อยู่อย่างยั่งยืน” เพื่อผลิตสารคดีความยาว 22-25 นาที และร่วม Workshop การผลิตสารคดีทั้งกระบวนการ ตั้งแต่การหาแรงบันดาลใจ ออกแบบโครงเรื่อง การเขียนTreatment จนนำไปสู่ขั้นตอนการถ่ายทำและตัดต่อจนสำเร็จเป็นสารคดีที่สามารถฉายให้กับสาธารณะ

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‘Romusha’ hits the pitch At Asian side of the Doc


The inspiration for documentary projects can come from anywhere. We live in a rapidly changing world, and people are hungry for stories and insights into different people, cultures, subjects, and concepts. From small slice-of-life short form to expansive multi-part series, documentaries can take many forms.

However, to begin your own documentary project, you’ll need to pitch it to others. And it was quite exciting in Asian side of the Doc 2018


Our latest project “Romusha of the Death Railway” hit the stage in pitching session 3 and received good critical reviews from jury and decision makers such as Arte, NHK World, and Discovery Networks Asia Pacific.

“This will recall that there was another group of people who had built the Death Railway with their lives.”

Nitchanan Kittikhun, a Documania’s producer, made a clear statement on the stage with Suphachai Thongsak, the director of the project. The two veteran documentary filmmakers presented the key concept story with good heart and precious details which made every minute of the pitching counted.


Nitchanan Kittikhun, the Documania’s producer and Suphachai Thongsak, the director


We received positive reviews from the jury who is a representative from NHK Japan said “This is a project that we want our people (the Japanese) to see the forgotten history. It’s important to record the story of people who reclaim their identity in cruel WWII event. Still, this project is unique! We haven’t heard the story from these people before”


During WWII, estimated 300,000 of Romusha or Asian Laborers were forced by Japanese Army to work on Thailand – Burma Railway. Just a few of them had a chance to return home. Most of them disappeared or died somewhere no one exactly knows. No cemetery. No name record. Nothing left to remind that Romusha was once the majority who built the Death Railway and experienced the most painful part of WWII history.


Chandra Sekaran had grown up in Malaysia with those untold memories from one of the survivors – his own father. He heard it, but never listened to it. After the father died, the son of Romusha realized that this missing piece of wartime might be lost forever. He needed to do something immediately. That was when he decided to walk into the forgotten history.

This is a mission against time. There are just a few of those Romusha still alive somewhere. P. Chandra Sekaran knows that this is the last chance to search for the survivors and record their oral history.





A total of 38 documentary projects from 7 countries were submitted to the ASD selection Jury, which selected only 10 projects to attend the intensive workshop, of which 7 were created by Thai producers.





Do you have a story to tell? ASD2018 : Student Workshop

Do you have a story to tell? And how we can make it possible?

This year the leading international marketplace for documentary and factual programming in Asia take place in 8th EDITION: 30 JAN. – 02 FEB. 2018, Bangkok.



Approximately 500 documentary professionals are expected to attend Asian Side of the Doc, for the second consecutive year, with the objective to build the ASEAN regional hub for documentary coproduction and knowledge exchange.

But we didn’t forget about the young generation of content creators.



The ASD has a special segment for giving the opportunity to all talented students from all across the country to participate in this leading program the ASD special workshop.

The objective is to give participants an opportunity to try different storytelling techniques and style discussed in class.




The Seminars and workshops on topics ranging from grant writing to production, pitching and gathering all information from real sources by exchanging with veteran documentary filmmakers from Thailand Documentary group.

The documentary filmmaking workshop combines in-class instruction with hands-on experience in non-fiction storytelling. Students will learn to cultivate ideas, shooting techniques, sound recording and design, and digital editing skills. They also will gain an understanding of the roles directors, producers, cinematographers, sound mixers, and editors play in film production. Working in teams, students will produce a short observational film.



The main subject of this year is Wat Arun วัดอรุณราชวรารามราชวรมหาวิหาร The famous Wat Arun perhaps better known as the Temple of the Dawn is one of the best-known landmarks and one of the most published images of Bangkok. Students can observe&create story around this area open widely without any restriction. Every issue can be presented in the documentary that urges the people to perceive Wat Arun more clearly in truthfully perspective.




Furthermore, all students who participate in class would receive the opportunity to observe the ASD marketplace and absorb the atmospheric feeling of the international market that may increase the eagerness to join documentary filming career path in near future.


Thailand officially hosts Asian Side of the Doc 2018 (ASD18) in Bangkok!

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Friday, 22 September 2017, Thailand has proved its readiness to be a hub for Asian documentary filmmaking and our Thailand based filmmakers have undoubtedly competencies to reach the global audiences in the worldwide market.


We proud to announce that Thailand will host the leading marketplace for documentary programming, Asian Side of the Doc in Bangkok, from January 30 to February 2, 2018

Asian Side of the Doc puts the spotlight on the dynamic Asian factual programs sector now running in both directions, Asia to Asia, and Asia to the rest of the world. The Asian documentary marketplace includes 4 days of networking, pitching sessions, one-to-one meetings, conferences, social events and the added benefit of a sales market with opportunities for delegates to create new partnerships and get access to key decision-makers from across Asia and beyond.



The Event will take place, from January 30 to February 2, 2018, at the Centara Grand at Central Plaza Ladprao, Bangkok. Over 4 days, more than 500 delegates, including producers, directors, distributors, key decision makers, investors, and consultant from 40 countries will meet at ASD18 for sales, networking, pitching sessions with prizes, conferences, and the added value of tailored one-to-one meeting with key buyers from Asia and beyond.


Yves Jeanneau, CEO of Sunny Side of the Doc and Asian Side of the Doc.


Today, we have had a featured part of a pre-event activity where documentary producers and directors gained insight on how to develop documentary projects in WORKSHOP & MASTERCLASS from our professional producers and directors in the worldwide documentary industry.

  • Yves Jeanneau, CEO of Sunny Side of the Doc and Asian Side of the Doc.
  • Esther van Messel, Producer, and CEO of First Hand Films (Switzerland/Germany).
  • Christian Popp, Independent producer and co-founder of YUZU productions.
  • Pailin Wedel, Independent filmmaker.

The Masterclass is about how to build bridges between producers, increase networks and create new opportunities of coproduction.

A total of 38 documentary projects from 7 countries were submitted to the ASD selection Jury, which selected only 10 projects to attend the intensive workshop, of which 7 were created by Thai producers.



As a result, the committees chose 2 projects in each category to win the major prices in pitching session.

  • “Song of the Homeland” by Preecha Srisuwan from Inside Doc Thailand won Jury’s selection price.
  • “Ducks Academy” by Yupa Rattanajan from Payai Creation Co., Ltd won Best Pitch Project.

These 2 projects will join Asian Side of the Doc 2018 in the next year.


“Song of the Homeland” by Preecha Srisuwan from Inside Doc Thailand won Jury’s selection price.



“Ducks Academy” by Yupa Rattanajan from Payai Creation Co., Ltd won Best Pitch Project.



With the high potential of Thailand as a destination for documentary market and collaboration between Thai team in term of public and private sectors. Thailand is poised to become the global capital of documentary production with good shooting locations and a wonderful culture. Moreover, with a strong support of Thai government under Thailand 4.0 policy is focusing on documentary films that have a high growth potential in the international market.



(Left) Suttipong Thamawut from TV Burabha (Center) Yves Jeanneau, CEO of Sunny Side of the Doc and Asian Side of the Doc (Right) Chanin Chamachote, CEO of Documania Co.,Ltd and President of Thailand Documentary Filmakers Association (TDFA)
Chanin Chamachote, CEO of Documania Co.,Ltd and President of Thailand Documentary Filmakers Association (TDFA) gives an interview to the press.

We believe documentaries can encourage people to critical thinking about the world around themselves by represent facts and eliminate myths that cloud people mind.