Our Team


Chanin Chamachote

 CEO of Documania Co.,Ltd

“A good documentary is not just about high production value and flashy style.

Good storytelling comes from within. True documentaries reflect honesty, passion, and the connection a director makes with his subject.  A confident director has strong instincts and a focused vision that allows him/her to breathe life into their work.”


Laksana Chirachant

Vice President

“I don’t believe in self-indulgent filmmaking. Creating strong stories that audiences want to see is our goal and is paramount to the success of Documania.

“Eureka” is my favorite word. I have learned that true discovery often doesn’t come from researching piles of books, but rather from random life moments that simply require us to pay attention. I apply this same philosophy to Documentary production.”


Pisit Wanun

Production Director

“The rapidly evolving media market has become increasingly competitive.  Online, and VOD outlets such as YouTube and Netflix have made programming more accessible than ever. This form of instant gratification means it is even more challenging to hold viewers’ attention. This means we must rise to the occasion, push boundaries, and consistently come up with fresh approaches to programming.

With over 20 years of experience in post-production, I continually look for new ways to keep the documentary art form both dynamic and creative.”


Lakana Phenthanom

Operation Director

“Over last 25 years, I have seen many significant improvements in Thailand’s documentary landscape. Once only known as an importer of foreign documentaries, Thailand has become an international documentary powerhouse. Our love of the documentary art form has resulted in amazing films, and captured the heart of audiences worldwide”


Wipa Sukwattanawit

Marketing Director

“I see documentary as the next big film movement in Thailand. The genre is growing quickly and we need to capitalize on the incredible content we can capture. No longer just for educational purposes, Thai viewers are also learning how entertaining documentaries can be. This new form of programming has been coined “Edu-tainment” and has propelled our younger generation of filmmakers to take notice of the documentary genre.”



Ladawan Sondak

International Communication Director

“Thailand’s expanding digital TV market has created a significant increase in demand for content, and documentaries are no exception.

ASEAN documentary content is also primed for a world market hungry for diversity in its programming. Subjects such as food, history, travel, and compelling local stories from the ASEAN world are in more demand than ever. Our newest generation of talented filmmakers are taking the market by storm with unprecedented technical skill and storytelling ability. New outlets such as the skyrocketing virtual reality market are further proof that ASEAN programming has unlimited new potential on the world stage.

Here at Documania we stand ready for these new and exciting challenges and look forward to captivating audiences for years to come.”