Documania is now aiming to produce and co-finance Feature and TV documentaries with universal resonance, that cross cultural boundaries and exploit worldwide markets.

Here is our currently projects that we are now working on.

Tipitaka : The Living Messages

Duration : 50 minutes

Television Documentary : 13 Episodes

Language : English

When Buddhism spread from India, Different ways of Buddhist have emerged

 T I P I T A K A

A long day journey that makes us see how different

Buddhists live their faith in the world of Buddhism today

…with understanding

Unhidden Myanmar

Duration : 52 minutes

Television Documentary : 13 Episodes

Language : English


Today, The Union of Myanmar is an important portal to the global community.  With a readiness to become a member nation of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN, Myanmar is playing an integral part in improving the region’s security and peace by creating networks for economic, social and cultural collaborations.

Myanmar may be seen by some countries as being underdeveloped, uncivilised and backward.  But in the eyes of the world community, there is hardly any doubt that Myanmar is a country with a charming identity and colourful traditions that make a visit to this country an amazingly worthwhile experience.

And for visionary investors, Myanmar is a country that will play a new and important role in global economy in the near future.

What is the reason for such a prospect?

Conman and the sea


Duration : 90 minutes

Language : English

Salama is the old Moken who loves to tell the unbelievable stories of his Sea Gypsy’s life to the tourist without forgetting to end the talk by asking for a bottle of beer! As the funny conman in the eyes of tourist, in fact, he is the Moken’s leader who saved everybody on Surin Islands in southern Thailand from Tsunami in 2004.

His wisdom could safe people’s life but unfortunately it couldn’t safe himself from the unfair changing world that came later.


Experience a story of the incompatible relationship between the indigenous cultural protection, the natural preservation, and the rapid changing world through various eyes and decide by yourself