Kazakhs, Tell the World

Television Documentary 6 Episodes (52 Minutes)

Kazakh, Tell The World

The way we live, the legacies we leave



“Kazakhs, Tell the World” is a creative documentary which touched themes which are anchored in reality, deep and hopeful of human experiences in the heart of Eurasia and displays solid perspectives of Kazakhstan people, with a creative inner world, which makes the film poetic and intimate, besides its hardness and informative. This documentary immerses viewers with the great achievement of Kazakhstan, including the national policy, keeping historical heritage, consolidating tolerance and friendly relations between the nations, ethnic and socio-cultural groups.

TYPE                                     :           DOCUMENTARY

SYSTEM                               :           4K Full HD

LENGTH                                :          6 Episodes / 52 Minutes

BROADCASTING                 :         Thailand / Worldwide

Language                              :         English

PRODUCTION PERIOD      :         2017

(Currently in production)


Deep reasons for creating this documentary series are in the very history of Republic of Kazakhstan and Kazakh people since the year of the independence, the sovereign state of Kazakhstan has passed along and difficult way. The country have solved many problems in the past, and created new solutions for near future. But already today it is necessary to note the main achievements of Republic of Kazakhstan to meet the eyes of global media.

In 6 episodes of the documentary, it focuses on the unity of people of Kazakhstan which is based on three pillars. The first is their unique and common history. The second pillar comprises their values common for all Kazakhstan nations who live together on the vast and rich land. The third pillar is their common tomorrow, aimed for the joint future. All human beings should have the right and the possibility of creating the dream in the place where they were born. Kazakhs people have proven this idea can be exist in the modern world full of risk. “Kazakhs, Tell the World” are meant not only for those who are interested in inter-religious policy, country’s fortune and resources, but for all who cherish true and timeless spiritual values, moral ideas, and who are concerned over the future of entire nation and the earth.


We have no doubt that viewers will find a lot of interesting and useful information in our documentary. With your generous support in this project, our work will continue to film in your country and light the beacon of new international’s perspective between our countries, Thailand and Kazakhstan.

Kazakh, Tell the World “The way we live, the legacies we leave.”


A documentary project will take viewers to the most unknown territory of the ninth largest nation in the world. So no matter what people impression of Kazakhstan used to be. It’s about time to brush up any misconceptions. Let yourself be immersed in extraordinary stories form the people of Kazakhstan. Take a closer look, how they have been melding the country’s traditional history with its modern present.

Now, Kazakh are ready to tell something to the world.