Feature Documentary  (60 Minutes)

TYPE                                     :          DOCUMENTARY

SYSTEM                               :           Full HD

LENGTH                                :         60 Minutes

BROADCASTING                 :         Thailand / Worldwide

Language                              :         English


handbill RoMUSHA 3-02


During WWII, estimated 300,000 of Romusha or Asian Laborers were forced by Japanese Army to work on Thailand – Burma Railway. Just a few of them had a chance to return home. Most of them disappeared or died somewhere no one exactly knows. No cemetery. No name record. Nothing left to remind that Romusha was once the majority who built the Death Railway and experienced the most painful part of WWII history.

Chandra Sekaran had grown up in Malaysia with those untold memories from one of the survivors – his own father. He heard it, but never listened to it. After the father died, the son of Romusha realized that this missing piece of wartime might be lost forever. He needed to do something immediately. That was when he decided to walk into the forgotten history.


This is a mission against time. There are just a few of those Romusha still alive somewhere. P. Chandra Sekaran knows that this is the last chance to search for the survivors and record their oral history.

This will recall that there was another group of people who had built the Death Railway with their lives.