Television Documentary 4 Episodes (52 minutes)


What is it that makes the love of Thai cuisine so universal? Every dish is a balance of the core flavor. Sweet, sour, salty, bitter and spicy merge in measured unison to make each dish come to life. Then there is the use of fresh herbs such as lemongrass and garlic to further enhance the sensation in every mouthful. Yet, still there seems to be something else lurking behind the impact that truly great Thai food has. Tricks that have propelled the cuisine to worldwide fame.

Beyond its global appeal, Thai food has great depth in its variety spread across the country’s different regions. Depending on where you are – north, south, northeast or central – the local cuisine takes on many different forms and characteristics. However, with the modernization of cookery, techniques and availability of ingredients, the trick and soul of Thai food is slowly being lost.

With the help of chefs putting their methods to practice in family kitchens and 5-star restaurants alike, and the foodies who cannot part with the taste of Thai, the tasty trick will continue for generation to come.

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