Unhidden Myanmar

Television Documentary  13 Episodes (52 Minutes)


Unhidden Myanmar

Today, The Union of Myanmar is an important portal to the global community.  With a readiness to become a member nation of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN, Myanmar is playing an integral part in improving the region’s security and peace by creating networks for economic, social and cultural collaborations.

Myanmar may be seen by some countries as being underdeveloped, uncivilised and backward.  But in the eyes of the world community, there is hardly any doubt that Myanmar is a country with a charming identity and colourful traditions that make a visit to this country an amazingly worthwhile experience.

And for visionary investors, Myanmar is a country that will play a new and important role in global economy in the near future.

What is the reason for such a prospect?

TYPE                                     :           DOCUMENTARY

GENERAL                             :          ANTHROPOLOGY , ART&CULTURE

SYSTEM                               :           Full HD

LENGTH                                :           13 Episodes / 52 Minutes

BROADCASTING                 :         Thailand / Worldwide

Language                              :         English

PRODUCTION PERIOD      :         2017

(Currently in production)

Perhaps no historians have remarked that they hoped to ‘See Myanmar and Die’.  Yet in the past three decades, travelers from all over the world have unanimously agreed that Myanmar is a country one should visit at least once in his lifetime. Meanwhile, business investors all over the world have been trying every strategy to find channels through which they can start their markets in Myanmar.

Being under colonial rule for about 200 years, Myanmar was closed to the outside world for nearly thirty years after it had gained independence. But that was a blessing in disguise.  Myanmar has preserved its pristine environment and eternal beauty, whereas most of its neighboring countries are being faced with constant changes.

At present, Myanmar’s array of colorful activities can be relished through its people’s ways of life, arts, customs, beliefs and ancient traditions, all set harmoniously in the majestic nature of this fertile land. Every facet of Myanmar has a historic dimension waiting to be explored and studied.

Here; is a beautiful wonderland waiting to be visited

Here; is where exotic elements are waiting to be experience

Here; is a country ready to offer opportunities

And Here; is an enchanting land rivaled by none

Today… Myanmar has opened its door to welcome all people. and these are what the Myanmar people are proud to present to the world.